Christchurch Residential painter Quick quote

Christchurch painter, Pete the Painter appreciates that there are a lot of residential painters you can select from, but why wouldn't you choose a company that is proud of its Canterbury heritage, a company that adheres to the strictest application policies for its staff, that uses only the finest of products and guarantees workmanship of the highest standards.

At Pete the Painter Christchurch you will experience personal service from professional tradespeople who understand your painting needs. Our promise to you at Pete the Painter is maximum customer satisfaction, reliability, and trustworthiness.

We are available to quote your next painting project no matter where you are located or how small or large your requirements are. The rest?… easy when we back our materials and workmanship with a comprehensive warrantee. Let Pete the Painter take the stress and hassle out of your painting. Pete the Painter Christchurch, the professionals, will complete the job and you can be assured that we will work to exacting standards.

Pete the Painter Christchurch has the resources to meet any residential painting requirements from:

  • Interior - new homes to full restorations or just a ceiling or a wall
  • Exterior - from the roof to the foundation and more
Christchurch painter residential painters

You will receive a detailed quote so there are “no surprises” at the end of the painting engagement. Within the quote, we will:

  • Confirm the surfaces you would like painted
  • Confirm your needs and describe how we intend to address them
  • Describe the painting methodology we will undertake
  • List the products and colours we will use
  • State your investment
  • Advise when we can start
  • Estimate how long the project will take
  • Include our terms and conditions of trade
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